Sinovel exploring overseas market with two projects progceeding smoothly

Post time:2016/5/30 10:56:36

China has become the largest wind power market in the world via more than decade development. Chinese wind industry has grown out of the dependence on imported equipment and became an emerging wind turbine exporter. Chinese wind power enterprises did not only display its strong manufacturing ability. Moreover, they started to keep an eye on new opportunities in much broader overseas market. As a leading player in renewable energy, Sinovel took a step ahead of domestic industry in exploring overseas market. It is learned that Sinovel’s projects proceeded well in Turkey and Sweden. Its good quality and professional service were acclaimed by international customers.

BereketEnergyProductionINC In November 2011, Sinovel signed agreement with Turkish Bereket Energy Production INC to supply 36 units of 1.5MW wind turbines for the USAK project located in USAK province in southern Turkey. Starting from June 2012, Sinovel delivered 36 units of wind turbines in three batch to IZMAR Port, and finished hoisting of all turbines by July, 2013.  

Based on previous cooperation experience, Sinovel signed a second contract with the client to supply 36 units of 1.5MW wind turbines again, which will be installed for YALOVA project in YALOVA province in southwest Turkey. In May 2014, Sinovel delivered all the turbines to GEMLIK Port and started installation in July. During installation, Sinovel sent senior field engineers to instruct installation and commissioned turbines after installation. According to a manager in charge, Sinovel did not only export technical-advanced and excellent performing wind turbines to Turkey. In the mean time, the professional O&M service provided by Sinovel made the client reassured about operation. For both Turkish projects, senior field engineers were sent to site for technical instruction during installation and conducted commissioning of turbines. After that, Sinovel sent field engineers for daily maintain and malfunction check, so as to guarantee 95% availability.

Sinovel developed low speed wind turbines SL1500/82和SL1500/89 independently with a cut-in speed under 2.8m/s and rated wind speed at 10.5m/s and 10m/s respectively. This series of wind turbines boast low cut-in speed and high electricity generation. Compared with the same type turbines in the market, Sinovel’s turbines adapt low-speed wind area more easily, and lower the weight of turbines and manufacturing cost in large quantity. Among these, SL1500/82 wind turbine was certified with a Chinese first A-level design certification issued by GL on 20th October, 2011, which laid solid foundation for Sinovel’s exploring overseas market.

Sinovel’s foray into Turkey wind market was not an individual case. Its comprehensive competitiveness lies in brand, technology, products and service, which makes it win international market recognition. In June 2013, Sinovel signed a turbine supply agreement with Sweden Green Extreme to supply 10 units of 3MW wind turbines for a project in Kalmar. Sinovel will also provide O&M service for the project.

The 3MW wind turbines supplied to GreenExtreme were developed by Sinovel in 2008. Sinovel was the first Chinese turbine manufacturer to successfully research, develop, and possess intellectual rights to 3MW series of onshore, offshore and intertidal wind turbines, which can fully meet demands in various conditions as onshore, offshore and intertidal environment. The 3MW turbine model employ several global first proprietary technologies, equip with LVRT ability, and can adapt to all the wind zones, environment conditions and grid codes in the world. China’s first offshore wind projects, the Shanghai East Sea Bridge offshore project, was installed with 34 units of Sinovel’s 3MW turbines since 2008. Monitoring data from the project shows that the electricity output of Sinovel’s 3MW wind turbine were higher 10%-20% compared with international similar products. 

The signing of supply contracts with Turkish Bereket Energy Production and Swedish Green Extreme and the export of near-hundred wind turbines to overseas market demonstrated Sinovel’s persistency and determination to implement its “Offshore and Overseas Strategy”.  Not long ago, Sinovel raised “Offshore and Overseas Strategy”concept based on wind power market competition both home and abroad and change in development requirements of the company, aiming at offshore market and overseas market. According to the management, participation in international competition to promote global’s wind business is a precious opportunity to development for a domestic enterprise, which will be benefit to advance Chinese wind industry development level and release domestic manufacturing capacity. In addition, international competition will avert domestic wind power enterprises from pure price competition and help increase profitability and market competency. In Turkish and Swedish projects, Sinovel impressed customers with its strength and won customers’applause. Meanwhile, it set up a good example of “Going Abroad Strategy”for domestic wind turbine manufacturers.

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