Sinovel Cooperates With Mita-Teknik to Co-Develop Innovative Wind Turbine Control Systems

Post time:2016/5/30 10:53:07

On April 16, 2012, Mita-Teknik, a major worldwide supplier of control systems for wind turbines, and Sinovel, the world leading wind turbine manufacturer, co-hosted a press conference on EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen, announcing that the two companies have entered into a new strategic partnership. The wind turbine control system based on two companies’ previous cooperation has been running smoothly in Sinovel turbines, and now under the enhanced parthership, both parties will co-develop next generation control systems, and provide products and solutions with higher efficiency to worldwide clients including those in China.

Ms. Ma Xiaoli, Managing Director of Sinovel Europe, said in the press conference that the two companies started the technical communication and cooperation in 2008. Sinovel has been very impressed by the cutting-edge technologies from Mita-Teknik, and believes that Mita-Teknik can strongly support Sinovel to develop more advanced control system platforms and solutions. Under the agreement, Sinovel will also purchase PLC hardware and the software with source code of the control systems from Mita-Teknik. Sinovel can utilize, copy, modify and upgrade the control software and source code of the initial version delivered by Mita-Teknik, and will own the intellectual property rights of the modified and upgraded versions. Based on the contract, Sinovel can apply both original and modified versions to all its product lines.

“China is the largest, fast-growing and most promising wind power market in the world. We highly value the cooperation with Sinovel. By providing advanced product and reliable service to Sinovel, Mita-Teknik’s technical advantages will be fully demonstrated in China, and will help us to further penetrate the target marketplaces especially China”, Jesper Andersen, the CEO of Mita-Teknik, said.

Mita-Teknik is a key supplier of control systems for wind turbines worldwide and has been in the business of control systems since 1969. The company’s track record is continuously proven, as more than 40,000 wind turbines equipped with its state-of-the-art systems, daily deliver optimal performance and unsurpassed reliability. Mita-Teknik develops and manufactures control systems, power panels and technology to wind turbines and today it is the One-Stop-Shop of some of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers. In the recent years, Mita-Teknik has grown into a global organization with local representation all over the world.

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